What attracts cockroaches

If you have cockroach problems and you're trying to get rid of them on your own,  your chances of winning are slim. Well that is of you go in blindly. Intelligence and strategy is essential to the victory of any battle (including battles with roaches). In this battle, intelligence largely involves knowing what attracts cockroaches. Known where more enemies will be coming from and cutting that off so there will be no more reinforcements is crucial. I won't cover what to do to get rid of them here, but I'll be covering where they're coming from and why.

what attracts cockroaches like this one?Let's clear some things out first. We're not looking at hiding roaches that are scattered throughout your house here. We are talking about more roaches coming into your home from the outside. If all your efforts are placed into killing them, but you're not fixing the main issue of why they invaded you in the first place, then you'll be stuck trying to get rid of them for a long time.

Cockroaches have a very good sense of smell. Any food, or trash left to go bad within your home will lure them in. If your house was neglected enough to the point where there's food and trash going bad, then it's an easy feast for your invaders. Once they discover that you are the place to go to for lots of easy free food, they'll be sure to let their friends know.

More will come and they'll quickly settle into your house and make it their own. Roaches, especially German roaches, are notorious for reproducing quickly. A few can turn into hundreds within as short a time as four to six months.

Don't just apply treatments to kill them. Be rigorous about not leaving food out and not letting trash go bad. You throw all sorts of things into the garbage bin so they're bound to stink fast. I highly recommend getting one with a good cover that will cover It up real nice.

Although expensive, one of those stainless steel trash bins are perfect for keeping roaches out. The cover often closes real tight on the bin itself. It won't completely prevent cockroaches from being able to get in there to feed, but it will deter many. That's not what makes them great though.  What makes them great and better than others is they close tight and as a result keep the smell of garbage inside the garbage bin. Less smell means less attracting cockroaches.

Also be sure to refrigerate your food after you are done with it. If it can safely sit on the table or counter, be absolutely certain that you cover it up after you are done. Do not leave it out uncovered because the roaches will love you for it. Not only do you have to worry about calling in more roaches, you have to worry about the health risks involved when roaches walk all over it to come feast.

So although it isn't the only thing that attracts cockroaches to your home, food is often to blame. They know it's there because they can smell it. Once they smell it, they'll definitely find their way in. Once they're in, it's over and you might as well kiss your peace goodbye.